Slow Travel Hospitality

Slow Travel Hospitality is a part of the sustainable…

Slow Travel Hospitality is a part of the sustainable travel family, different from mainstream traveling and emphasizing the traveler greater personal awareness. It is characterized by reducing mobility and by taking time to explore local history and culture, while supporting the surroundings.

What is slow travel and how can I embrace it?

Slow travel is also intentional and conscious travel—it’s about the connection between yourself and place. It’s about taking the time to discover each new destination in detail, getting to know the in and outs of the people that live there, the culture, the history as well as seeing more than just the main attractions.

Slow Travel is an emerging way of life…

Slow Travel is an emerging way of life that serves as an antidote to some of the negative aspects of mass tourism. At the same time, slow travel places a strong emphasis on sustainability, engagement with local culture, and fully appreciating travel experiences. Here, you can learn more about slow travel, including how it is defined, its growing importance, and how it can be beneficial, complete with examples.